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„Software is like a box of chocolates:

You never know what you're gonna get.”

We really do not agree with Forest Gump

You always get from us pretty and well documented software project.


Green field project development

We love startups! If you do as well, but you don't have developers, we are ready to outsource your project. From proposals to implementation, we deliver ready-to-use piece of software and turn your idea into reality.

Optimizing and refactoring

Is your web page slooow? We analyze the problem, find the bottlenecks in application and make it fast and responsive. 5 years of your project development, 20 different developers and miles of spaghetti code? We turn it into well-organized and simple to maintain structured and modern code.

Consultation and courses

Would you like to learn how to write a clean and well organized code? Or you want your developers to learn it? We are ready and will be happy to share our knowledge and experience.

How we work

Backend technologies

Modern web technologies as latest PHP + frameworks, MySQL, PostgreSQL, no-sql databases as Mongo or CouchDB or Elastic Search are our best friends.


For turning design into web experience we use HTML5 with combination of CSS3 and latest javascript frameworks.


We are group of highly motivated and skilled software engineers with deep technological background, looking for challenges.


Software development is not just writing the code. Deep analysis, UML proposals and hours spent in front of the whiteboard before the first letter is written.

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